With input from faculty and administrators from around the country, these resources have been compiled to help with the creation and implementation of programs that will enable students to consider their purpose and values.  Here you'll find best practices, program materials, publications, professional organizations and other general resources that have been found to be useful.

  • The best practices included here cover topics cover topics ranging from how to find funding for a new program, do assessments, involve faculty, and use the outdoors as a venue for reflection.
  • Certain institutions have provided copies of their curriculum and other program materials in order to help other schools get a jump start on planning their own programs.  Feel free to download the materials and to use it as needed.   
  • The publications featured here have been recommended by faculty and administrators who have created programs on their own campuses.  All books have been categorized for ease of finding resources that might be most appropriate for your needs on your campus.
  • There are a variety of professional organizations that focus on higher education and college student development and may provide helpful networks and resources.