Colleges and universities around the country are offering different kinds of programs that give students the opportunity to think about their values and purpose. The focus and format of these programs vary by campus. The majority of the programs featured here are co-curricular, though one or two of them may actually offer academic credit.   

There are a number of ways to learn about programs that may benefit your undergraduates and your campus:

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  • Use the navigation to the left to browse by institution.  Each institution’s page includes an overview of their program, funding details, contact information for the program manager, and more.

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  • Use the filters to the right to browse programs that have similar characteristics such as the focus of the program, the format, target participants, size of program, faculty involvement, or cost to run the program.

Browse By Institutional Characteristics

  • Filter programs by various institutional characteristics such as type of curriculum, location, size of student body, religious affiliation, gender, or public v. private institution. 

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